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Blank House Media is an audio/visual production team with a commitment to collaborate with artists in order to create unique and engaging representations of new and under-documented works. Cofounders Jack Kloecker and Ian Whillock utilize their backgrounds as percussionists and composers to help their clients create a product that best represents their musical and artistic visions.


Blank House has collaborated and created recordings for artists such as The Kraken Quartet, The University of Texas, The University of Nebraska, Texas Christian University, Mark Ford, Paul Rennick, Adam Silverman, Dave Hall, and CHannel2 Percussion Duo. Their recordings have been featured by major press outlets including NPR and I Care If You Listen.

what our clients say

"Jack and Ian cultivate a recording environment predicated on putting the performers at ease, resulting in a seamless process from start to finish."

-CHannel2 Duo